Truck, Tractor & Equipment Financing

We Finance!

Buying a truck, tractor or other piece of heavy equipment outright is no small task, no matter where you are in Tennessee. Based in Nashville, TN, Cumberland’s truck and tractor locations offer financing to make it easier for you to get the tools and equipment you need while still being able to balance the books.

Even if you’ve already qualified for a truck loan at your local Nashville bank, you will find that our F&I department can often get you one of the best tractor or truck financing deals in Tennessee. In just a few minutes, you can qualify for a truck loan that could save you significant money during the life of your financing agreement. We’re dedicated to doing our best to get you an unparalleled deal.

Qualify For a Truck Loan in a Few Simple Steps

Not sure whether you’ll qualify for a truck loan at one of our Nashville, TN locations? Our hassle-free process gives you the freedom to find out quickly. When you visit one of our locations and apply to finance a tractor, truck or other heavy equipment, a qualified F&I specialist will:

1. Get to know your financing needs and learn a couple of key details.
2. Run a basic credit check.
3. Offer a competitive rate on your truck or heavy equipment.

It’s that easy!

You can also take advantage of special financing deals offered by some of our major brands, including New Holland. Finance through us and leave your own line of credit available for those other purchases you may need to make in the future!

Ask about financing today.