2017 Dealer of the Year

From the bottom of our hearts, huge thanks to our partners and customers. We are extremely proud of what we accomplished in 2017 and look forward to taking that momentum into 2018. Everyone at Cumberland realizes this does not happen without great partners and customers and we THANK YOU for your support and loyalty!! INTERNATIONAL TRUCK […]

Calculate Your Annual Diesel Fuel Costs (and Potential Savings)

We recently revamped our Fuel Cost Calculator! Now, instead of downloading an excel file, you can calculate your annual fuel costs (and potential savings) right in your browser. Check it out now.  Even better, email the results to yourself, so you have a record of your calculations.  

Calculate Your Diesel Emissions

We’re always looking for helpful tools to measure the overall impacts of the C10 truck. The EPA has a tool on their website to calculate your Diesel Emissions Quantifier (DEQ). Use it to understand your current fleet’s emissions profile and how fleet upgrades will impact your emissions. The tool provides an interactive, web-based platform to, […]

10th Run MPG Stats

NextGen C10 is fresh off its latest test run and performing as well as Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. And considering Santa and his reindeer run off cookies, milk and carrots, that’s extremely impressive! Over 12,494 miles, NextGen C10 was able to achieve overall fuel economy of 9.54 miles per gallon. During the […]

9th Run MPG Stats

Before we started the 9th C10 test run, I asked our customer to put a driver in the C10 demo truck that was NOT his best driver. I wanted to prove the C10 would make a bigger impact on new or less skilled drivers than a company’s best drivers. For example: Raising a driver’s MPG […]

Daylight Savings Time Starts Sunday

Sunday, November 5, 2017 is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.   Make sure that all of your drivers are aware that the change to daylight savings will occur. Caution route drivers especially that the amount of daylight will change according to their stops with the change.  One hour of time difference can present unique […]

RACEto10MPG Featured in TDEC OEP’s Monthly Transportation Newsletter

On Friday, October 27, the TDEC’s (Tennessee Department of Energy and Conservation) Office of Energy Programs put our their monthly newsletter, which featured a section on Heavy-Duty trucks that have achieved 10+ Miles to the Gallon. Cumberland is happy to share that our RACEto10MPG with Sharp Transportation was featured in that newsletter! #RACEto10MPG  

People’s Choice and LT Walkaround WINNER!

  Cumberland is excited to share that Patrick Mendenhall won International’s live LT Walkaround Contest this past weekend at NACV! The LT Walkaround Contest was judged by industry experts and tested product knowledge about International’s LT. Patrick completed against North America’s top sales professionals in different regions of the United States and Canada.   To […]

The Race to 10 Miles Per Gallon

All, as many of you know, over the course of several years, the Cumberland International Fleet team has been striving to produce a truck that gets 10 miles per gallon. That project yielded a truck we call the C10.  The C10 has been on demo runs around the county dozens of times over the past […]