11.2 MPG! —>In case you missed it – RACEto10MPG round up

Here’s a round-up of #RACEto10MPG updates you may have missed – 11.2 MPG! 8th Run Update Cumberland’s C10 Changed the Way I Drive Gooch’s Driving Tips Gooch’s Mid-Trip Review Driver Bio: David Gooch Second Run Launch 9.9 MPG! 7th Run Update James Talks About Lane Assist Thorne’s Mid-Trip Review RACEt010MPG Featured in HDT C10 Covered […]

Cumberland’s C10 Changed the Way I Drive

“I want to thank everybody at Sharp Transport, Cumberland, International. Everyone who gave me the opportunity to do this. I believe driving this truck [Cumberland’s C10], has changed the way I’ll drive the truck I’m in now.” – David Gooch (11.2 Miles Per Gallon, #RACEto10MPG)

8th Run MPG Stats – 11.2 Miles Per Gallon!!! #RACEto10MPG

  Here’s our 8th run update from Jarit Cornelius, VP Maintenance/Compliance at Sharp Transport, who we partnered with on the #RACEto10MPG. We are excited share the results.  We at Sharp Transport, Inc. are proud to announce the RACEto10MPG results! David Gooch ran a combined 5,599 miles crossing through 10 states and was able to sustain a […]

Gooch’s Tips to Get 10 MPG

What are some tips you can provide other companies to achieve 10 MPG? “Trust the cruise control. It does what it needs to do. Set your speed and leave it alone. Don’t override it. Stay off your breaks as much as possible.” – David Gooch (11.2 MPG, #RACEto10MPG)

Second Run is Underway; First Run Results are IN!

ICYMI:  The results are in for the First Run in the RACE to 10 MPG! And the second run is well underway. David Gooch, of Sharp Transport has stepped up to the plate and ready to rock.  

Driver Bio: David Gooch – Race to 10 MPG

David Gooch David is from Elkmont, Alabama. His professional driving career started 22.5 years ago when he got out of the US Army.  After completely driving school, he took a position with Sharp Transport and has been there ever since. He has won numerous Driver of the Year awards with Sharp Transport, as well as the […]

7th Run: MPG Stats: RACEto10MPG Update

Round 1 of the Race to 10 MPG has been completed and results are best to date for NextGen C10! James Thorne, veteran driver from Sharp Transport, was able to reach 9.86 MPG overall fuel economy. Thorne’s 5,421 mile journey started in Tennessee and ran to California roundtrip, as well as, an additional trip to […]