First Run Stats – C10

As promised! The NextGen C10 has completed it’s first run. See the stats for Run 1 (Click Here). If you’d like to receive these updates to your email inbox – use the contact form at the right and send us a note. What’s the C10?

The A26: International’s New Diesel Truck Engine

BUILT FOR UPTIME AND BACKED BY BEST-IN-CLASS WARRANTY The new International A26 is engineered with proven components that deliver optimal uptime and fuel efficiency in a lightweight design. This big bore engine has been relentlessly tested with hundreds of thousands of hours of dyno testing and millions of real-world test miles. (Video: International’s Testing Facility) […]

Ramping up: Next Gen C10

Get ready folks, the Next Gen C10 is being prepped for it’s first demo run! Stay tuned for more information over the next several months. We’ll be providing updates right here. The Next Gen C10 is scheduled to go out on it’s first demo next week.

The International LT Series – Driver-Centric, Fuel-Efficient, Uptime-Focused Truck

LT stands for Line haul Truck. According to International and its advanced testing, the LT has proven to deliver up to 7% better fuel economy than the ProStar. The LT has added a choice of advanced, fuel-efficient powertrains and engine choices like the new 2017 Cummins X15, plus new state-of-the-art electronic controls to optimize every […]

Industry leading aerodynamics and drivetrain technology gives the LT Series a 7% improvement in fuel economy

Reducing operating costs and improving fuel economy are important goals for every fleet. The new LT Series builds on the fuel economy advantages of previous models and represents the most fuel efficient on highway trailer that International Truck has ever built. To improve aerodynamics, the new LT Series underwent comprehensive aerodynamic testing to refine its […]

Nashville’s Fuel-Efficient Truck Prototype (RX-C10) is featured in Heavy Duty Trucking

Earlier this week, Heavy Duty Trucking featured our C10 in a featured article! Here is the excerpt where Cumberland is featured and Patrick Mendenhall is quoted. Breaking the 10 MPG Barrier [….] Read the Full Article Here Try something new With that awkward possibility still nearly a decade away, there are still many options available to truck […]

Crunching the numbers: How to do the math on aerodynamic device savings

Jack Roberts | @JackRobertsCCJ | August 8, 2014 This whole article was featured on CCJ on August 8, 2014 ATDynamics’ TrailerTails are lightweight thermoplastic composite fairings that can be installed to the back of dry or refrigerated semi-trailers to help reduce low-pressure aerodynamic drag behind the trailer. ATDynamics’ TrailerTails are lightweight thermoplastic composite fairings that […]