Fourth Run MPG Stats – C10

Fourth Run MPG Stats Consistency… That’s what can be said about the 4th test run for NextGen C10. NextGen C10’s 4th test run was a West Coast trip from Jackson, Tennessee and a regional run from Jackson, TN to Mississippi. The fuel economy over 4,813 miles averaged 9.2 miles per gallon. While NextGen C10 was […]

C10 Featured in Heavy Duty Trucking – Tennessee International Dealer Turns Heads With Fuel Efficiency Demo Truck

HDT published a story on our NextGen C10. Check it out: “In the 1960s, when performance was king, it wasn’t unusual for dealerships to take stock muscle cars and customize them to create highly desirable street machines that are avidly sought after by collectors today. Today, a Cumberland, Tennessee, International dealership is using the same […]

Eco Flaps installed on Cumberland’s NextGen C10

Check it out – one of our parters, EcoFlaps wrote about our partnership: Cumberland International, located in Nashville, Tenn., wanted to prove a 10+ miles per gallon truck was achievable to utilize affordably on a day-to-day operation. Cumberland’s Fleet Team of Patrick Mendenhall and Matt Smart are doing just that by allowing fleets to demo possibly […]

Third Run MPG Stats – C10

3rd Run Details The 3rd test run is different than any test performed with either demo truck thus far. The first customer wanted the truck back! He wanted to run the same routes at 68 mph (vs. 65 mph). After hesitation, we agreed. And… the results turned out great! In it’s third run (at 68 […]

Second Run MPG Stats – C10

The NextGen C10 has completed it’s second demo run. **Run Details** The second run for NextGen C10 can be split into two legs. The first leg went from Middle Tennessee to Southern California roundtrip.  According to our telematics, the driver was able to achieve a 9.9 MPG average. The second leg of this driver’s trip […]

C10 Nominated for Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) Sustainability Award

Cumberland is excited to be nominated for for a sustainability award for it’s efficiency efforts in the C10 project. “Sustainable Performance – The winner in this category will have implemented holistic approaches to achieve sustainability and integrated environmental values and conservation of natural resources into comprehensive, long-term decision making and management of businesses and facilities. […]

First Run MPG Stats – C10

As promised! The NextGen C10 has completed it’s first run. See the stats for Run 1 (Click Here). If you’d like to receive these updates to your email inbox – use the contact form at the right and send us a note. What’s the C10?

C10 Demo Coming In

Be looking for a round-up on the first C10 run coming out next week!

Ramping up: Next Gen C10

Get ready folks, the Next Gen C10 is being prepped for it’s first demo run! Stay tuned for more information over the next several months. We’ll be providing updates right here. The Next Gen C10 is scheduled to go out on it’s first demo next week.

Navistar Announces Wide-Ranging Strategic Alliance With Volkswagen Truck & Bus

Navistar and Volkswagen Truck & Bus to pursue strategic technology collaboration and establish procurement joint venture with Volkswagen Truck & Bus taking a 16.6% stake in Navistar Volkswagen Truck & Bus to invest $256 million in Navistar at $15.76 per share and have the right to appoint two directors to Navistar’s board of directors Alliance […]